About Us

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About Us

Our company, is a Europen based subsidiary of PTG HOLDING AG that has been providing advanced engineering solutions in the fields of industry, energy, logistics, and technology for many years, utilizing our extensive knowledge and experience.

PTG has successfully undertaken significant engineering projects both domestically and internationally.

Through centralized control and autonomous management, PTG is able to effectively plan and deliver projects in a timely and high-quality manner.

PTG regards workplace health and safety as a corporate value and fundamental human right and places the utmost importance on these issues in all of our activities.

PTG strictly adheres to global ethical principles and laws in the regions in which we operate.

PTG’s strength in production and service is derived from its dedicated and successful employees.

PTG has a long-standing history and experienced expert staff, and while implementing important engineering applications, we also closely follow emerging technologies in order to continue our success in the future.